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Tissue - Litespan - Fibafilm - Airspan Covering
from Various
Lightweight covering

Used with good quality cellulose dope, there’s nothing quite like a tissue finish on an open structured model.
Available as approx 700 x 500mm sheets in white or coloured sheet (please specify the colour required in the customer comments box). 
Ben Buckle Wet Strength Tissue
Ideal for vintage and scale models. Supplied in one piece and folded.
Length 6 metres x Width 18 inches 
A very light, thin synthetic fibre tissue that has been factory ‘doped’ with a totally fuelproof resin. Much stronger and more puncture resistant than normal doped tissue and unaffected by moisture. It is applied with Balsaloc, a heat seal adhesive. Ideal covering to replace tissue/dope on small models or to give a quickly prepared surface for painting.
Available in 910mm x 500mm sheets

A replacement for normal tissue paper, made from high strength polyester. Apply Balsalock to the model and iron Airspan in place, then heat shrink. Finish off with alight coat of dope to seal. Airspan is very strong and durable when compared to normal tissue and is completely water and fuel proof.
Available in 910mm x 500mm sheets

roll size 1.800 x 735mm (72" x 29")
Superlight fibre-reinforced polyester heat activated covering film. Suitable for models that need a light but stiff covering (i.e. a model that requires the covering to provide additional stiffness to the airframe.
Fibafilm is much like any other ’iron-on’ coveringexcept it does not have an adhesive back. Instead Balsaloc is applied to the airframe, allowed to dry and the Fibafilm then ironed on (glossy side outwards). Extra heat is then applied to shrink the covering tight.

Ben Buckle Wet Strength Tissue 6 Metres White
White Fibafilm
Blue Fibafilm
Yellow Fibafilm
Orange Fibafilm
Red Fibafilm
Aluminium Fibafilm
Medium Weight Coloured Tissue Sheet
Medium Weight White Tissue Sheet
Yellow Litespan
Orange Litespan
Red Litespan
Blue Litespan
Black Litespan
Dark Green WW1 Litespan
Cream Litespan
Silver Litespan
White Litespan
White Airspan
Orange Airspan
Fluorescent Yellow Airspan
Fluorescent Pink Airspan
Blue Airspan
Cream Airspan

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