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SebArt Katana S30E
from SebArt/Area 51
ARTF High Performance Electric 3D Aircraft

Wingspan: 125 cm (49.21 in), Length: 125 cm (49.21 in), Weight: 1.2 kg (2.64 lb) with EVO25 2170 LiPo, Wing Area: 36.5 dm² (56.57sq.in)

The new Katana S30E from SebArt is a stylish performance aircraft. Designed by Sebastiano Silvestri – Italy’s top F3A pilot and Europe number 3 this model has design pedigree and it shows. Constructed entirely from lightweight CNC machined balsa and ply and covered in SebArt trademark colours this aircraft is exquisite in its detail. Supplied with a lightweight glass fibre cowl with all intakes and cooling outlets pre cut, glass fibre spats, a highly attractive deep tinted clear canopy, a pre fitted air baffle situated just aft of the pre cut air outlets - the list just goes on with such a high level of attention to detail so clearly obvious.


Equipped with the recommended drive train and some powerful micro servos the Katana S30E can fly any manoeuvre the pilots capable of and more. The performance will not disappoint and the models 3D performance is outstanding. A pure extreme machine.
Recommended equipment:


A minimum of a 4channel radio with receiver (preferably a computer radio with mixing to maximise performance).

4 high torque micro servos such as Hitecs HS65HB, JR ES375 or JR DS385.


SebArt recommend the following components to power your Katana S30E:


Hacker A30-14L brushless motor

Hacker X40Pro brushless speed controller

14x7 APC E propeller on 3s

FlightPower EVO20 2170 11.1v 3s1p or EVO20 2500mAh 11.1v 3s1p


The Katana S30E is available in both a Red/Green and Red/Blue version. Both versions are also available with a power set consisting of a Hacker A30-14L motor and Hacker X40 Pro speed controller.
Also available is a tailored set of wing bags to protect your investment. Supplied in silver with black edging and cut to accommodate the Katana characteristic deep root fairings.

This item is currently out of stock.

  • SebArt Katana S30E Green/Red PWR SET £318.25
  • SebArt Katana S30E Blue/Red PWR SET £318.25
  • SebArt Katana S30E Green/Red £181.25
  • SebArt Katana S30E Blue/Red £181.25
  • SebArt Katana S30E Wing Bags £9.95
  • SebArt Katana S30E Yellow/Black Airframe Only £181.25
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