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Futaba TM-7 2.4GHz Module
from Futaba

Futaba Advanced Spread Spectrum Technology

Futaba 2.4 GHz FASST modules offer the ability to instantly upgrade your Futaba transmitter to the crystal and glitch free 2.4GHz operation. 


Futaba modules allow you to enjoy 2.4GHz benefits without buying a full 2.4GHz system and benefit from features that only Futaba can offer. The modules provide simple purpose fit installations that are free of clumsy wires or cables. All modules feature an efficient antenna that installs and works with designed ease and simplicity and pivots to maximize your RF link. Modules feature push-button set-up for the fail-safe on the module and Easy Link on the receiver. The Futaba TM-7 FASST module has been designed to operate with the Futaba R607FS full range receiver that is small and light enough to be used in a flat foamy.


The 7 Channel module has been designed to fit the 7U (FF7prev. gen.), 8U (FF8), 9C (FF9) and 9Z systems.


Please note that the TM-7 module will NOT operate the 6 channel R606FS, but is compatible with the R616FFM, R607FS and R617FS receivers.


Futaba TM-7 2.4GHz Module

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