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Graupner 3 Blade Super Nylon Propellers
from Graupner

Glass Fibre Reinforced

SUPER NYLON propellers. Made of glass fibre reinforced nylon. Highly efficient and tough. In neutral colour.


When used in conjunction with large and very powerful engines the ultimate load factor of SUPER NYLON propellers may be reached or even exceeded. In cases like these wooden propellers should preferably be used. The rotational speed, that is the velocity of the airscrew tip in the plane of rotation, provides some information on the limiting factor. The rotational speed must not exceed 180 m/sec. Maximum airscrew rpm are then governed by the diameter of the propeller. Max. Revolutions can be calculated using the following formula: Constant (includes safe value) 3438: diameter of prop (in meters). Taking a 28 cm diameter propeller the formula reads: 3438.0.28 = 12279 rpm. The actual ultimate load depends on several other factors in addition to rotational speed though, such as engine vibrations and propeller warping as a result of improper installation, to name but a few, which can affect the ultimate load factor negatively. Propellers should be mounted perfectly centred on the prop shaft and with a minimum of play. If necessary install a propeller adapter of No. 198. In order to preserve the good physical properties of SUPER NYLON propellers, in particular their strength, their water contents of approx. 2 - 3% must stay trapped in the material. For that reason they should not be stored in dry rooms or near warm heating units. A lack of water contents can be compensated either by putting the propeller in boiling water for a short while or by submerging it in water at ambient temperature for a couple of days. Be sure to abide by the safety guidelines concerning rotating propellers! Always remain clear of the propeller arc! Do not ever use a damaged propeller!

Graupner 33 x 30 cm (13x12) 3 Blade Propellers
Graupner 36 x 18 cm (14 x 7") 3 Blade Prop
Graupner 40 x 20 cm (16 x 8") 3 blade propeller
Graupner (28x 18 cm) (11 x 7") 3 Blade Propellers
Graupner (23 x 18 cm) (9 x7") 3 Blade Propellers
Graupner (45x 30 cm) (18 x 12) 3 Blade Propellers
Graupner (40x 30 cm) (16 x 12) 3 Blade Propellers
Graupner (38 x 20 cm) (16 x 10") 3 Blade Super Nylon Propellers
Graupner 15 x 8 3 Blade Super Nylon Propellers
Graupner 12.5 x 7 3 Blade Super Nylon Propellers
Graupner 30 x 20 cm (12 x 8) 3 Blade Super Nylon Propeller
Graupner (25 x 21 cm) (10 x 8.5")
Graupner (23 x 18 cm) (10 x 7

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