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Multiplex Zacki Elapor Glue
from Multiplex

Elapor Glues, and Filler

 Zacki ELAPOR super liquid 10g      SMC-MA-592728
Ideal for gluing ELAPOR® and for use with Zacki ELAPOR® fill up reaction filler.
Of course, this adhesive also glues other materials to each other and to ELAPOR® . However, please note that Zacki - like any other CA glue - will not adhere to PTFE (Teflon®) or silicone.
Due to its low viscosity Zacki ELAPOR® is particularly good for close-fitting joints, gaps and cracks. The initial bond takes place in ten to fifteen seconds; the final cure occurs within a few
The special formulation of this adhesive eliminates the need for kicker or activator.
You can achieve superb results with Zacki ELAPOR® super liquid in conjunction with Zacki ELAPOR® fill up reaction filler (# 59 2729), especially when carrying out repairs, gluing ill-fitting joints or parts which do not line up correctly.
Contents 10g

 Zacki ELAPOR 20g     SMC-MA-592727
Designed specifically for gluing ELAPOR® components. Naturally the material also sticks most other materials, excluding PTFE and silicone.
The special formulation eliminates the need for “kicker” or activator - materials which are often injurious to health.
After joining, initial bond strength is obtained in around thirty seconds; full strength in around ten minutes.
• Optimised for Elapor®
• Exceptional shelf-life
• Bottle with self-cleaning, non-gumming metering nozzle
Contents 20 g

Zacki ELAPOR fill up 15g    SMC-MA-592729
Zacki ELAPOR® fill up reaction filler has been developed specifically for use with ELAPOR®, and in combination with Zacki ELAPOR® super liquid. It makes an excellent gap-filler, especially when dissimilar materials and ill-fitting components have to be joined. For this reason Zacki ELAPOR® fill up is a great help when repairs are called for.
Of course, the combination of Zacki ELAPOR® fill up and Zacki ELAPOR® super liquid also glues other materials to each other and to ELAPOR® .
Contents 15g

PLEASE NOTE: Due to new postal regulations we are unable to send this item through the UK postal system and must go by carrier which incurs a carriage  cost of £6.50

This item cannot be sent overseas.

Multiplex Zacki Elapor 20g (Warning UK Only UN3334)
SMC-MA-25592727 (592727)
MultiplexZacki ELAPOR super liquid 10g (Warning UK Only UN3334)
SMC-MA-25592728 (592728)
Multiplex Zacki Fill Up Elapor Filler (Warning UK Only UN3334)
SMC-MA-25592729 (592729)

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