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Discontinued OS GT55 Petrol discontinued
from OS Engines
New Petrol Engine from OS

O.S. has developed a long-awaited 2 stroke (gasoline) petrol  engine. The GT55 was expressly developed for hobby use to meet the many demands of O.S. fans and large (gasoline) petrol engine users. The external appearance was designed after conventional O.S. glow engines.

With the carburetor mounted in front you get the following advantages
a)Throttle linkage, needle adjustment and choke valve operation are easily made.
b)The carburetor is easily cooled which is better for heat migration.
c) the standoffs are much shorter or not needed, which enables more secure engine installation and results in less vibration.

CDI Igniter
CDI which is good against wet plug conditions is employed. It keeps high voltage up to high RPM, which reduces misfiring. The idling current is very low. It also has a function to warn voltage drop of current source by intermittent running.

IC Magnetic Sensor
The IC magnetic sensor consists of a magnet installed in the drive hub with the pick-up sensor mounted on the crankcase. This makes it easy to control ignition timing. It detects a stable position signal for starting and from idle to high speed.

Cylinder Head & Crankcase
Dense and deep head fins as well as crankcase cooling fins allow better cooling which is vital with a gasoline engine that generates higher heat.

Cylinder Liner & Piston
O.S.’s precision machining is done on the cylinder liner to achieve accurate scavenging and exhaust timing. The piston is machined from low expansion and high durable aluminium alloy and the connecting rod is machined from extra super duralumin block.

Since a rotary shaft iis employed, the valve is opened and closed at optimum timing. Also by eliminating an oil seal it greatly reduces rotation loss.

Displacement::54.93cc(3.35cu.in)  -  Bore: 41.2mm(1.62in)  -  Stroke:41.2mm(1.62in)   -  Practical RPM: 1,500〜8,000r.p.m.  -  Power Output::5.5ps/7,000r.p.m  -  Weight:Engine:1,580g(55.7oz.)............Igniter : 140g(4.94oz.)

This item is currently out of stock.

  • OS GT55 Petrol (one only) Was: £574.99 Now: £0
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