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Curare 60 Hanno Prettner Edition ARF
from Schweighofer
Suitable for I.C or Electric

Who doesn“t know the legendary Curare 60?
Hanno Prettner won many championships in the late 1970's, like the World Championships of 1977 in Springfield or 8 times at the US Tournament of Champions 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978/79, 1980/81, 1982/83, 1988/89 in Las Vegas.
It is now possible for you to own your own Curare 60 with a choice of I.C or now electric conversion- so it“s your choice if you install a glow engine or a brushless outrunner motor. Both versions have been extensively tested.

The flight characteristics are as expected and this plane is still a winner!
The model is an high-quality laser-cut balsa with plywood construction ARF-Kit with fibre glass cowling and it“s entirely covered with Oracover (i.e. Ultracote for our friends in the US).
And here is the good news: Both engine mounts use the same mounting holes and can be exchanged easily. Take the glow engine and fuel tank out and fit the electric motor, battery and controller or vice versa!. And the Curare 60 is also ready to install an electrical retractable landing gear. Accessories like control horns, hinges, tank, wheels and pushrods are also in the kit.


Technical details
Wingspan approx: 1640 mm (641/2"
Length approx: 1400 mm
Empty weight approx: 1250 g Airframe Only
The original Curare
Listed below are parts recommended for the best performance of the Curare 60

Recommended Parts for Electric Setup

5 x Servo's Spektrum S6040 OR Savox Servo's SC-0253MG/ Savox SC-1258TG
LiPolice LP-4025 /12T-510KV Brushless Motor
Suitiable domed spinner nut Kavan 0298
Electronic Speed Controller 85amp Opto (4404958)
Energ Pro B-85 Opto Esc (85A) (2-6 Cells)

Prop 12 x 10e APC

5 or 6s 3200-4400mAh Lipo Battery

Logic CC0401 S-BEC 20A 50V Regulator

If using E Flite Retracts & Motor modifications may be required when fitting



For I.C Setup

5 x Servo's Spektrum S6040 OR Savox Servo's SC-0253MG/ Savox SC-1258TG

OS Max 55AX

Manifold, Silicone Joiner, Pipe Clamp, Tuned Pipe

Prop 11 x 9 APC or 12 x 7 APC

57mm Spinner 
Please note Electric retracts are not included - as link below, we do stock part SMC-MA-91792 Aulegung Electric Trike Retract set designed for the Curare.

Curare 60 Cowl (advise colour)
Curare 60 Canopy with decking
Curare 60 Hanno Prettner Edition ARF green/yellow/orange
Curare 60 Hanno Prettner Edition ARF blue/yellow/orange

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