Vintage model Company 42 Inch Balsa Basics Simple Cub 3ch Trainer Kit bbsimplecub


The Balsa Simple Cub is the start of a new phase for the Vintage Model Company. The Balsa Basics Series is envisioned as a ‘next step’ for those wanting to venture into more traditional model aviation materials without intimidation. Balsa has a reputation for being hard to get into, complex and fragile. The Vintage Model Company has therefore teamed up with the Flite Test to bring you this new range of simple, robust and fun flyers made primarily of wood. As with Flite Test's foam board, the Balsa Simple Cub goes together with common build techniques. This model will teach you how traditional model aircraft go together with chunky wing ribs and fuselage formers that slot together without the need for a printed plan. This speeds ups your build time meaning you can have a virtually finished airframe ready for covering in just a couple of hours. The Cub is an ideal trainer. Being a 3-channel aircraft, you can develop your skills from the ground up. Most of the time the Cub is happiest cruising along at minimum throttle, however, it can also perform basic aerobatics such as loops and wingovers. Flight times with the recommended battery can be up to 20 minutes on calm days. With a large 1000mm wingspan, you will also be able to take on windier conditions Kit

1x Sheet of 3mm Ply parts
7x Sheets of balsa parts
Landing gear wire
Push rod wire Control horns
Thin wooden dowel

*Wheels not included We suggest a 2.5 inch set of rubber wheels.

Unlike many of our other more complicated kits, the Balsa Simple Cub doesn't need to be built over a plan and can be constructed on a normal sized table with some basic tools.

All you need is to follow the step-by-step video in the images section or see the Vintage Model Company Youtube Channel

Additional Information

Manufacturer Vintage Model Co


Wingspan - 42" / 1070mm
Build Skill Level - Absolute Beginner
Flying Skill Level - Absolute Beginner
Channels - 3 (throttle, rudder and elevator)
Power System - Electric Brushless
Recommended Motor Size - 2212-1050kV (approximately 150w)
Propeller Size - 9x4.5
Recommended ESC Size - 35A
Recommended Battery - 1000mah-1500mah 3s 30c Lipo
Recommended Servo Size - 9g