58GX Inverted Wraparound Muffler X-EVO30013400

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Quick Overview

58GX In Cowl Silencer


The silencers are of the wrap around “Pitts” style, whereby the silencer manifold bolts onto the exhaust manifold of the engine and the silencer “can” wraps round to the rear of cylinder head with the exhaust gases exiting through twin outlet pipes for minimum back pressure and maximum gas flow, and as the combined outlet area of the twin outlet pipes is twice that of the carburettor venturi, there is no restriction of exhaust gasses, and engine performance is hardly affected.

Each silencer is custom made, with an anodised satin black finish, complete with an exhaust casket and mounting bolts, they are ready to use without any further modifications, making them practical and neat silencers that will fit neatly into the cowlings of many models without the need to cut huge amounts of cowling away.

Key features
Custom made for each engine
Lightweight construction
Compact and efficient
Satin black anodised finish
Pre-drilled for easy fitting

Additional Information

Manufacturer EVO


GX58 In Cowl silencer