Vickers Aero Machine Gun 1/4 WBR75000


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Machine Gun Kits
The Williams Brothers filled a need in early R/C modeling by creating a line of WWI aero type machine guns, primarily in 1/6 scale- still the most popular scale in use. Combined with the Vintage wheels, pilots, and engine cylinders, a small explosion of growth came about in the flying model kit world due to these accessories being available; and, they are still popular today! The aero gun kits are made from injection molded polystyrene, which can be assembled using typical, acetone based, plastic model cement; and, they can be painted with enamels, acrylics, or other compatible paints. Fuel proof paints, if needed, with a clear coat of polyurethane. The ammo belts are made from a flexible rubber.
The Vickers was used primarily as a deck mounted, forward firing gun, on Allied aircraft , such as used by British, French, and American forces. The belt fed gun was based on the Maxim design that came about in 1889! Being typically use by infantry, and water cooled, the water jacket was slotted with louvers for air flow for aircraft use.
Injection molded Polystyrene kit consisting of 15 parts plus ammo belt.

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Manufacturer Williams Brothers