Master Airscrew Electric Only - 13x8.5 Propeller E-MA1385NE MASEO13X85N01


Electric Only Series is dedicated exclusively to electric motor r/c airplanes and multi rotors. Features wide, thin under-cambered blades for optimum lift, flight duration and power draw. Tractor and pusher props available for twin engine airplanes. Made of Glass Fiber Reinforced Composite.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Master Airscrew


2-Blade Propeller Electric
Direction of rotation Normal / Tractor
Length 13"
Pitch 8.5"
Hub Diameter 27.5 mm
Hub thickness 14.4 MM
Diameter of hole in Hub 8.2 mm 6 MM 5 mm 4 mm and 3.7 mm 3mm adapter Ring included
Color Black
Material Glass filled nylon
The measurements are approximate