Aeronaut Meteor Control Line kit AN1502/00


AeroNaut have re-released four of their vintage control line kits……they all date from the late 50’s….the Golden Age of Control Line...…..typically Continental the plans are a work of art as are the box lids…..there is a surprising degree of pre-fabrication with most major parts die cut or pre-shaped… is a mix of balsa, obechi, ply and hardwoods……some hardware is included but usually in the form of DIY bellcrank, tank and horns etc which have to be made from the basic materials supplied…..there are English instructions and some white type tissue…AeroNaut have tried to keep the kits exactly as the originals……and apart from a few minor differences they have succeeded…..these kits are a real treat for the experienced builder.

The Meteor provides simply the best experiences of control line flying and all flying routines can be flown with a captivating elegance. All types of diesel or glow plug engines of 2.5 cm3 displacement can be installed with speeds of 80-90 km/h.

The model kit contains detailed construction instructions with a blueprint, 1: 1 scale - wooden parts, steel wires, formed canopy , covering tissue included. Wheels, fuel tank, engine, propeller, control line, control handle, adhesives, finishing material etc. not included.

Additional Information

Manufacturer AeroNaut


Wingspan approx. 1000 mm
Length approx. 630 mm
Flying weight approx. 450 g
Total area about 20.8 dm²
Total area load approx. 21.6 g / dm²
Flight speed 80 - 90 km / h