Lilienthal 40 RC AN1084/00


Lilienthal 40 RC is a free flight model which can also be equipped with two-channel radio control (rudder, elevator). The fuselage readily accepts two micro servos, receiver and battery (not included in kit). Servo tray, control horns and linkage come with the kit and make RC-conversion easy. It is possible to build the free flight version of the model first and install radio equipment later. A high start hook is also included in the kit.

Most wood parts of the kit are precisely laser-cut. The wings consist of perfectly shaped profiles and ribs. A special jig speeds up the building process. Dihedral is built-in by means of ribs with a triangular cross section. The precisely shaped leading edge profiles do not require sanding. Detailed 3D-building instructions, which are typical for aero-naut models, are easy to follow and make the Lilienthal 40 RC an ideal model for less experienced and younger modellers.

Additional Information

Manufacturer AeroNaut


Technical data:

Wingspan [mm] - 1.190
Length [mm] - 830
Weight [g] - 190-220
Wing area [dm²] - 19,6
Wing loading [g/dm²] - 9,7
RC functions - elevator, rudder

Additional items will be needed to complete the kit as illustrated