Saito FG-57TS Four-Stroke Twin Cylinder Petrol Engine SAT57FGTS


Product Description

The FG-57TS is an updated version of the FG-57T. It has been designed as an alternative yet practical solution to the large singles normally used in 50cc class scale and aerobatic aeroplanes. Being a Saito twin it offers excellent throttle response and lower levels of vibration.

The FG-57TS comes with the standard equipment of Heat Sink, Stand-off mounts (35mm x 4) and lightweight aluminium prop washer. The twin exhaust sound gives a lovely scale-like mellow sound to the exhaust note. Fuel consumption is also very low at just 35cc per minute, making this a cheap engine to run over the long term.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Saito


Bore: ø36.0mm x 2
Stroke: 28.0mm x 2
Stroke Volume: 57.0cc
Approximate HP: 4.5
Weight (Approx): Body - 2,090g | Muffler - 90g | Ignition System - 170g | Mount - 80g(20g x 4)
Practical Speed: Approx 1,500 ~ 7,000RPM (Recommended highest speed on ground: 6,000 ~ 7,000RPM
Recommended Prop: D21 ~ 23 x P10 ~ 11"
Fuel: Gasoline : Oil = 20:1 (Volume Ratio)
Fuel Flow: Approx. 35cc/minute (at full throttle approx 6,500RPM). Fuel flow varies depending upon propeller load. More fuel flow with a larger load and less with smaller load (in actual flight, fuel flow somewhat increases).
Static Thrust: 9 ~ 11Kg (Depending on Prop)