E-Flite Sukhoi SU-29MM (Gen 2) BNF Basic W/ AS3X A-EFL8850

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Quick Overview

The full-scale Sukhoi Su-29 is said to have capabilities that are limited only b...
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Key Features

Easy-to-complete final assembly
Optional SAFE® technology with Panic Recovery mode
Expertly tuned, fully-adjustable AS3X® technology
A highly refined design by aerobatic champion, Mike McConville
Vortex Generators for enhanced slow-speed and 3D performance
Lightweight construction with durable Z-Foam™ material
Compact Spektrum™ 6-channel AR636A receiver with DSMX® technology
Durable micro-class servos deliver dramatic 3D control throws
Powerful 10-size brushless motor and 40A speed control
Easy-access compartment fits 2200mAh 3S 11.1V Li-Po batteries
Two-piece, plug-in wing for easy transport and service
Durable wire landing gear and large wheels for flying off grass

Needed To Complete

6+ channel transmitter with Spektrum™ DSMX/DSM2®technology
2200mAh 3S 11.1V 25C Li-Po flight battery
Battery charger

Tech Talk

The full-scale Sukhoi Su-29 is said to have capabilities that are limited only by its pilot. When the ParkZone® Su-29MM scale aerobatic park flyer was introduced, the incredible capabilities of SAFE® and AS3X® technologies made it possible for even intermediate pilots to experience unlimited aerobatics with greater precision. The E-flite® Sukhoi Su-29MM Gen 2 replicates the outstanding original with improved technology that gives pilots the flexibility of fine tuning the AS3X system to their liking. Designed by champion pilot and world-class aircraft designer, Mike McConville, lightweight construction with Z-Foam™ material is combined with a high-output brushless power system to create an awesome platform. To set this machine apart, its Spektrum™ AR636A receiver features AS3X® technology that has been specially tuned to deliver a rock-solid flight experience similar to that of an expertly set up model many times its size. If you want to change things up, the AS3X system is fully adjustable so you can experiment and create a custom feel that’s right for you. How about a little crash prevention power? Just turn on the optional Panic Recovery mode of SAFE® technology during the bind process and level flight at the press of a button is yours. Whether you’re an intermediate pilot or seasoned expert, the Sukhoi Su-29MM Gen 2 is the ideal park flyer to enjoy precision and 3D aerobatics with more confidence.

Fully-adjustable AS3X® technology with SAFE® Panic Recovery mode

The advanced AS3X (Artificial Stabilization – 3-aXis) system built into the Spektrum™ 6-channel AR636A receiver is specially tuned to give the E-flite® Sukhoi Su-29MM Gen 2 an incredibly solid look and feel in the air. It works behind the scenes so that a high-performance design like the Su-29MM shines through while your workload to fly smoothly is significantly reduced. Adjustments to the AS3X system can be made to suit your own flying style or it can be turned off entirely. In addition, you can reduce the risk of a crash while trying new maneuvers. Simply bind this model with Panic Recovery mode turned on and gain the ability to restore level flight at the press of a button.

Optional Panic Recovery Mode

Brushless Power System

The outrunner brushless motor has been sized to offer outstanding thrust and great throttle response that’s an advantage especially 3D flight.

Highly-tuned airframe

World-class designer and champion aerobatic pilot, Mike McConville, designed the Su-29MM to be an outstanding aerobatic park flyer with large control surfaces that have 3D deflections and a light wing loading for handling that’s predictable.

Outstanding Slow-Speed Flight

Vortex Generators located on the leading edge surfaces of the wings foil the passing air in a way that enhances lift and allows the ailerons to stay effective even at slow air speeds.

Lightweight and Durable

Construction with Z-Foam™ material adds a level durability that makes every day flying more fun while its inherent lightness increases all aspects of flight performance.

Additional Information

Manufacturer E-Flite


Approximate Assembly Time: Less than 1 Hour
Approximate Flight Time: Approx. 6 minutes
CG (Center of Gravity): 3.2 in (82mm) back at wing root
Charger: AC or DC 3S Li-Po with balance capability (required)
Completion Level: Bind-N-Fly Basic
Flying Weight: 40.6 oz (1150 g)
Landing Gear: Yes
Length: 42.3 in (1074 mm)
Material: Z-Foam™
Minimum Required Radio: Full-range 6-Ch. DSM2®/DSMX® programmable (required)
Minimum Speed Control: 40-amp brushless ESC (installed)
Motor Size: 10-size brushless outrunner, 1250Kv (installed)
Propeller Size: 12 x 4
Recommended Motor Battery: 2200mAh 3S 11.1V 25C Li-Po (required)
Servos: (4) 13 g digital high-speed micro servos (installed)
Spinner Size: 49mm
Trimscheme Colors: Blue, White
Wing Area: 403 sq in (26.0 sq dm)
Wing Loading: 14.5 oz/sq ft
Wingspan: 44.0 in (1120 mm)