West Wings BAE Hawk 4499036 (A-WW35)

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Following on from the highly successful Hawker Hunter, the BAe Hawk uses thes...



Following on from the highly successful Hawker Hunter, the BAe Hawk uses thesame general design concept based around the Wemotec Minifan 480, but nowtakes on board the need to incorporate the latest, powerful 400 size brushlessmotor and Li-Po battery technology.

This is a model for builders and fliers of moderate ability. Building requiresthe ability to carefully follow the plans and construction method yet someareas will also require a little interpretation based on experience. Flyingrequires a pilot used to faster than average models and a smooth flyingtechnique. It is not a difficult model to fly, but to look nice it needs alittle finesse. She lands fairly fast (relative to a sport model) and willneed a shallow approach to bleed away the speed before touchdown.

The West Wings Hawk is a true 'builders model' that comes together quicklyusing a mixture of highly accurate CNC cut ply and balsa parts. Many of thecomplex internal and external shapes are moulded in styrene plastic for easeand speed of building. This combination of new and old technologies resultsin a good scale representation of the RAF's current jet trainer but maintainsgood flying qualities across the entire speed range.

West Wings have studied the full size aircraft carefully and have managed tokeep many true scale details, such as the boundary layer splitter platebetween the intake duct and the fuselage. This is a detail so often omittedfrom model kits of the Hawk yet is so characteristic! The horizontal tailsurfaces are of the `all moving' type and are of course in keeping with thefull size also. A rudder is not included in the design, but it is easy toadapt the model should you wish to. The aileron servos (9g type) are locatedin the wings by the ailerons themselves and use short, rigid pushrods forpositive operation. Scale details such as the flap hinge fairings are notincluded but they are shown on the plan for the real enthusiast to fit if hewishes. The kit even includes scale cockpit detail and instrument/controlpanels so that you can really make a model to be proud of. All you reallyneed to add is a pilot or two.

The wings and fuselage are fully sheeted for both rigidity and ease ofcovering, yet the final weight of the model still falls at a very reasonable1200g (approx). The huge canopy allows easy access to the single elevatorservo, and receiver. As with all brushless motors, the ESC is located closeto the motor in the fan bay. The battery mounting tray is so big thatpositioning the battery for optimum CG location is simple. Whether you arefitting a 3200mAh or 4800mAh Li-Po there is ample room. Even a 3200mAh batterywill provide good duration, with 4000mAh being the optimum. The performanceis such that full throttle is hardly ever used or needed, unless you like tofly that way!!!! Provision has even been made for an internal aerial (tube notincluded) as each former has a locating position for it.

The design of the entire intake ducting has been carefully planned using thelatest CAD techniques and extensive knowledge of aerodynamics. Getting thebalance right between static and dynamic thrust has resulted in only a smalldeviation from scale. That efficient ducting keeps battery consumption andintake `roar' down and performance up, even at reduced throttle settings.

The design is based around the Wemotec Minifan 480 and is ideally suited tothe EnErG Pro 3S 3200-3900mAh Li-Po battery. With this power combination, theflat out performance is stunning. Launching is by bungee, but because of thehigh thrust level it actually needs very little to get her flying. Byincorporating the launch attachment inside the model there is only a smallhole in the underside as evidence. We wouldn't want to spoil your lovely modelwith an unsightly hook!

With a very respectable wing loading of 76g/DM° (25oz/Sq.Ft) and effective(essential) wing boundary layer fences, you can be sure that she will not`bite' while coming in to land either.

That final touch is the inclusion of a set of authentic and dramatic decals tocreate one of the solo aerobatic aircraft of 74(R) Squadron 4 FTS at RAFValley in 1996. A simple yet modern colour scheme that is dramatic andsurprisingly easy to orientate on in the air.

A kit to enjoy both building and flying!

Channels - 3 Channal Radio
CNC cut components for accurate building
Length - 101cm (39.8ins)
Model type - wood construction model for experienced RC pilots
Servos - 3
Suits battery - 3S 3200-4000mAh LiPo
Suits motor - Electric ducted fan 480 size brushless
Wingspan - 89cm (35ins)

Additional Information

Manufacturer West Wings


Length - 101cm (39.8ins)
Model type - wood construction model for experienced RC pilots
Servos - 3 (not included)
Suits battery - 3S 3200-4000mAh LiPo (not included)
Suits motor - Electric ducted fan 480 size brushless (not included)
Wingspan - 89cm (35ins)