Gnat (Glider) DPR1003


If your kids are keen to get involved in building and flying model aeroplanes and, perhaps, progressing to radio control then there’s only one place to start – at the beginning! Easy to build and dead easy to fly the DPR Super Jet Series of catapult launch gliders are perfect models to help nurture creativity, teach basic assembly skills and reward with fast and exciting flying characteristics. They’re tough too, built to withstand the mishaps that younger modellers will inevitably make when learning the subtleties of model flight.

Key Features:
Outstanding flying characteristics.
Easy to build.
Flies outdoors in almost any weather.
Everything included except glue.
Perfect for kids.
Nurtures creativity and rewards with successful flight.

What's in the box:

1 x Laser cut balsa parts set.
1 x Sandpaper square.
1 x Red Arrows self-adhesive sticker sheet.
1 x Comprehensive instruction manual.
1 x Catapult launch handle and rubber band.

Needed to complete (not included):
Glue (Balsa cement/PVA or cyano)

Additional Information

Manufacturer DPR


Wingspan (mm): 230
Length (mm): 285
Construction: Balsa