Krick Minimoa Glider kit K10130


The RC model kit of the legendary Minimoa 1936 glider in 1: 5 scale with a span of 3.4 meters from Krick. The all-wood construction model is precisely scaled, the dimensions and spacing of the ribs match the original. The set contains all the balsa or plywood wooden parts that are necessary for the construction of the model as well as small accessories.

Göppingen Gö 3 Minimoa is a single-seater glider made in Germany. It was designed by Martin Schempp and Wolf Hirth. Between 1935 and 1939, 110 aircraft were produced at the Schempp-Hirth plant in Kirchheim-Teck. The model was completely processed according to the original plans in 1936 at a scale of 1: 5.

PLEASE NOTE additional items are required to complete kit as shown.

The kit has the necessary components for the construction of the model skeleton, there are no adhesives, covering, tools, radio equipment, centre wheel, pilot fugure, etc.Characteristics

Additional Information

Manufacturer Krick


Wooden Construction Kit

Wingspan 3400 mm

Length 1400 mm

Flight weight 3500 g

Supporting area 76 dm²

Wing Area load 46 g / dm²