VQ Scooter 64 Inch (EP/GP) ARF VQA123R


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Quick Overview

Can be adapted to fly electric or IC, Stable Trainer model


Scooter, the Sunday-Fun All-In-One aircraft anyone can fly. Easy to assemble, the Scooter is made for easy-flying.

Consider the options like floats or the built-in servo-operated bottom hatch, you can have your Scooter do what you want, all for fun!


All Balsa and lite-ply construction
Control surfaces pre-hinged and installed
Fibreglass cowling
Two piece wing with aluminium wing joiner
Control surfaces pre-hinged and installed
Functional Bottom Hatch: Can open and close by servo.


Assembly Instructions with Stage-by-Stage Photos
Tail wheel assembly
Engine mounts
Electric motor mount
Fuel tank
All hardware

Does not include: Radio, Motor, Glue, and Silicone Fuel Line

Additional Information

Manufacturer VQ Model


Wingspan: 1630mm (64.2in)
Fuselage Length: 1170mm (46in)
Weight (Ready to fly): 2.6 - 2.7 kg
Engine: .46 (2-Stroke)/.52-.62 (4-Stroke) (Not Included)
Radio: 6 channesl with 6 servos ( 2 standard servos and 4 Mini servo for Aileron) (Not Included) - 7 servos if IC
Electric Motor: Boost 40 motor or any Electric Motor same size with .46 2-Stroke engine (Not Included)
Battery: Lipo 14.8V 3700 mAh-4000 mAh (Not Included)
Function: Ailerons-Flaps-Elevator-Rudder-Motor