Billings 1:60 Andrea Gail kit From The Perfect Storm Film B608


The Andrea Gail, an un-inspected commercial fishing vessel departed Gloucester Harbour, Massachusetts, September 20, 1991 with six crewmembers on board. The crew intended to make a fishing trip for swordfish in the area of the Grand Banks of Newfoundland, Canada. The vessel began its return voyage to Gloucester, MA. on October 26-27, 1991. On October 30, 1991, the vessel was reported overdue by the owner, Mr. Robert Brown. An extensive air and sea search was conducted utilizing U.S. and Canadian Cape Cod MA. However, the search did not locate the vessel or any of the crewmembers. The vessel and six crewmembers remain missing and are presumed lost at sea in a major storm, referred to as the “Perfect Storm” by a meteorologist and made famous by Sebastian Junger’s book (the book was later turned into a Hollywood movie). The sword fishermen were Captain William “Billy” Tyne, Robert “Bobby” Shatford of Gloucester, Dale Murphy and Michael “Bugsy” Moran of Bradenton Beach FL., David “Sully” Sullivan and Alfred Pierre of New York City.

The model is constructed of laser cut wood components and requires the modeller to supply all necessary building equipment and supplies to complete and finish the model. The is supplied with fittings. The model is designed to be built as a display model.

The following Humbrol paints are recommended for reproducing the illustrated vessel (not included):

Humbrol No. 2 (Hull) Emerald

Humbrol No. 18 (Fishing Gear) Orange

Humbrol No. 19 (Light case, Port) Bright Red

Humbrol No. 21 (Funnel, anchors, interior) Black

Humbrol No. 22 (Deck, Masts) White

Humbrol No. 34 (Deck equipment) Matt White

Humbrol No. 101 (Light case, Starboard) Matt Mid Green

Humbrol No. 177 (Hull bottom) Hull Red

Model can be adapted to R/C, additional work would need to be carried out for such a conversion. Also 2 channel radio, 1 servo, speed contoller, battery and charger would be required

Additional Information

Manufacturer Billings


Length 360 mm.
Width 105 mm.
Height 275 mm.
Scale 1:60.