HMS BLUE BELL Hull length about 1280 mm 2200


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ARTR (Almost Ready To Run)
The HMS Blue Bell was a Flower class corvette that
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ARTR (Almost Ready To Run)
The HMS Blue Bell was a Flower class corvette that saw service in the Royal Navy during the Second World War. It was commissioned in July 1940. It served in the Atlantic, Mediterranean and Arctic, escorted convoys to Russia and also took part in the invasions of Sicily and France. It was torpedoed and sunk by U-711 under the command of Hans-Gunther Lange. This happened on 17 February 1945 whilst escorting convoy RA-64 from Murmansk. Only 1 member of its crew survived. Additional information on the model can be found on the Internet.Rudder adjustment, forward/reverse with proportional control

On Her Majesty

The original

The HMS Bluebell was a British corvette of the Flower class. These small boats were used primarily for coastal protection, but especially as escorts. Because of their easy construction the corvettes of the Flower class could be finished in many shipyards.
The HMS Bluebell was put into service in 1940. It served in the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea and the Arctic Ocean.
In February 1945, less than 3 months before the war ended, the Bluebell was sunk by the German submarine U-711.

The Bluebell, as well as the other Flower-class corvettes were small, agile boats, which were equipped to the brim with anti-submarine depth charges, machine guns, artillery and anti-aircraft guns.

The model

The Graupner Premium Line model of the HMS Bluebell was developed according to the original planes and with maximal details fidelity. The model in 1 : 48 scale has a glass fiber hull, which is at the same time light and stable. The structures are made of laser-cut ABS parts. It grants great precision and details fidelity. Many small parts are made of metal, the hull, the structures and the cranes are spray-painted. Even the safety boats are multicolor painted. The main guns are rotatable. The experienced RC model makers can control remotely the turrets through the Graupner Micro gear-motor (No. 1753) and the Navy V15R (No. 2861) speed controller.

The HSM Bluebell is, al all Premium Line models an Almost Ready To Run (ARTR) model. It has a built-in powerful 540 class electric motor so as a rudder servo. You need a transmitter and a receiver, e.g. the Graupner mx-12 in set with the Graupner receiver GR-12 (No. 33112). The GM Akku Power Pack 3600 mAh (No. 2490.6), the Graupner Navy V40R (No. 2875) speed controller so as some small parts: Connectors set G21 (No. 2989), Velcro tape (No. 3368), Connection cable set (No. 2976).

The Bluebell has big openings. Thus is the installation of the RC components so as the maintenance easy to perform. Connect the RC components (this will require some soldering works). Follow carefully the manual. Trim the model with the already installed RC components into the water - thus are suitable the Graupner model ballast (No. 3663.50 or 3663.100).

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Product characteristics

Almost ready to run model
Glass fiber hull
Structures made of laser-cut ABS parts
Details and small parts in metal
Safety boats with multicolor painting
Hull, structures, cranes spray painted with matt painting
Rotatable main guns, RC controllable
Installed electric motor
Easy installation of the RC components
Package content: model, ship stand, small partsThe model is not suitable for children under 14 years.
Operation under 14 years requires the guidance of parents.

Recommended accessories

Transmitter set Graupner mx-12 & GR-12 (No. 33112)
GM Power Pack battery 3600 mAh (No. 2490.6)
Navy V40R speed controller (No. 2875)
Connectors set (No. 2989)
Velcro tape (No. 3368)
Connection cable (No. 2976)
Model ballast (No. 3663.50 or 3663.100)

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