Harness the breeze...

The Windwood Models series of Pebble Boats make the perfect gift for the aspiring young mariner.

Pebble boats are easy to construct and its speed and goods looks when on the boating pond are amazing.
They are a really fun model to make.

This is a free-sailing boat kit.

Constructed from die-cut balsa wood, construction is fast and simple.

Since balsa wood is very light the completed boat will be found to have very little water displacement.
This is easily remedied by placing an essential pebble (hence the name) in the box constructed at the rear of the model.
The boat is now stabilized and ready to sail.

Required to complete (not included):
Glue (PVA/Aliphatic Resin), Modelling T-Pins, Craft knife.

Additional Information

Manufacturer JP