Kyosho INFERNO MP9 TKI3 SPEC A * K.31789A


Semi-assembled by skilled staff, they have a lot of knowhow and experience of MP9. And checked individually by Yuichi Kanai! Almost Ready to Race!

SPEC A(ARR)" is a semi assembled kit. SPEC A has been factory assembled by RC dedicated experienced staffs and thoroughly checked by the designer Yuuichi Kanai himself to deliver the best buggy quality known to man. Oil shocks and differential gears assembly are critical areas. Each kit is assembled by highly experienced staffs knowing how each part must come together. Even small details such as ride height and alignment are strictly measured. Pre-cut body shell for ready to painting.

Heavy Duty Front Shock Tower!! 
Heavy Duty universal Swing Shafts for front, rear and center.!! 3.5mm thick bullet proof shafts!! 
Highly designed molded battery and receiver box. Compatible with KO switch.
Highly designed Servo Tray allowing precise, effective and linear linkage movement. The servo fixture design allows easy servo maintenance and replacement.
Aluminum Rear Lower Suspension Holder is included as standard.
MP9 light weight dish rims (IFH004Y) are included as standard. 
Highly designed super low height air cleaner.
The highly designed hubs have a new offset design matched with the short arm settings. 
The durable threaded shocks allow more precise and reliable settings. Front : S Size, Rear : M Size.
Machined aluminum rear hub carrier. Tested and proven at major races.
Super lowered body with air flow design allows more stable and reliable control during airs.
This new tapered design secures tie-rods in place. Prevents tie rods from popping out.
The yellow colored bushings to add style.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Kyosho