Art-Tech Diamond 2500 -Second Hand - PNP ART22091


Second Hand PNP Diamond 2500 electric glider.

When gliding, you can put down the landing gear flaps in order to achieve results; advanced
laminar flow airfoil wing, wingspan of 2.5 meters, excellent gliding performance.

Fine imitation carbon fiber coated nose hatch; ABS + aluminum fairing, folding propeller; With light foam wheel for easy landing

Laminar flow airfoil and 2.5m wingspan.
Made of EPO material and has good capacity against impulsive
Configured with the powerful brushless motor and can climb vertically at high speed. Bring surprising flight joy by its stable flight and the flexible operation.
Easy to assemble and transport.
Configured with 2.4G radio,no frequency interference.
Suitable not only for intermediate flyers, but also for advanced flyers.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Art-Tech


Wing span: 2500mm/98.4in
Length: 1500mm/59in
Wing Area: 55 dm2
Wing loading: 35g/dm2
Weight: 1900g/67 oz
Thrust rate: 1.26

Flight Time: Approx 30 to 40 minutes depending on pilot ability and weather conditions
Motor: Out runner brushless motor A3720
Battery: Li-Po battery 14.8V,2500mAh
ESC: 60A