LiPo-battery V-MAXX30C 3/850 11 1V BEC 7624.3BEC


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The new LiPo range from GM-Racing can cope with extremely severe loads. As a res
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The new LiPo range from GM-Racing can cope with extremely severe loads. As a result the batteries remain much cooler in normal operation (up to 20C), and last for many more charge/discharge cycles than batteries with lower maximum load capacity. High power reserves give the batteries plenty of power even after a large number of flight cycles, which means that they remain suitable for their primary purpose longer than other batteries.
The low internal resistance coupled with the associated extremely high voltage curve and low weight ensure maximum performance for your model. The V-MAXX 30C - 50C series in particular is setting new standards in battery technology. The extremely high voltage curve means that a smaller propeller than was previously used is required in order to stop the motors from overheating.Lighter, thanks to new technology
Cooler, thanks to lower internal resistance
Can be in use for longer periods as they are capable of more charge/discharge cycles
Extremely high voltage curve, in particular with the V-MAXX 30C seriesSuitable chargers:Order no. 6454 LiPo BALANCER CHARGER 2-3S 12 V/230 V
Order no. 6462 Li charger 4 plus
Order no. 6463 ULTRAMAT 12 plus pocket charger
Order no. 6411 ULTRAMAT 8
Order no. 6464 ULTRAMAT 14 plus
Order no. 6466 ULTRA TRIO PLUS 14
Order no. 6468 ULTRAMAT 16S
Order no. 6470 ULTRAMAT 18
Order no. 6443 ULTRA DUO PLUS 40
Order no. 6444 ULTRA DUO PLUS 50

Order no. 6441 ULTRAMAT 16

The balancer order no. 3064 or 3065 is recommended for the following chargers:
Order no. 6437 LiPo charger 4
Order no. 6438 LiPomat 4 Plus
Order no. 6409 ULTRAMAT 6
Order no. 6410 ULTRAMAT 10
Order no. 6412 ULTRAMAT 12
Order no. 6414 ULTRAMAT 14
Order no. 6415 ULTRAMAT 15
Order no. 6442 ULTRAMAT 17
Order no. 6417 ULTRAMAT 25 (only more recent ULTRAMAT 25 with LiPo charge mode!)
Order no. 6416 ULTRA DUO PLUS 30
Order no. 94401 GMVIS-COMMANDER as of software version V2003 (the correct final charge voltage of max. 4.2 V per cell must be set; i.e. with 1 cell = 4.2 V; with 2 cells = 8.4 V; with 3 cells = 12.6 V; with 4 cells = 16.8 V; with 5 cells = 21.0 V)

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