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Overlander are proud to be an Official UK Distributor of Panasonic Eneloop!
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Overlander are proud to be an Official UK Distributor of Panasonic Eneloop!

This new Eneloop Smart & Quick 2 Hour Charger comes with 4 x pre-charged AA 1900mAh 1.2V rechargeable Eneloop batteries. These batteries can be recharged up to 2100 times and will retain 70% of their capacity after 10 years.

The Eneloop Smart & Quick Charger individually controls each battery and has 4 LED indicators, which are on while charging and off when fully charged, that will notify you when each individual battery is at its full capacity.

This charger is compatible with 1-4 AA or 1-4 AAA batteries, and with an auto-voltage of AC100-240V, you can charge 2 x AA cells in approximately 2 hours.The charger plugs straight into the mains with a 3-pin plug.

Why Choose Eneloop?

► The next generation of environmentally friendly batteries, favored by over 60 countries around the world, proposes a new lifestyle shift from ‘Disposable’ to ‘Reusable. Using Eneloop rechargeable batteries will help in the reduction of disposable waste and thus benefit the environment.’
► Your investment in Eneloop will be recovered after only a few recharging cycles and the long term savings are substantial.
► Eneloop batteries are delivered pre-charged and are ready for immediate use upon purchase, combining the advantages of both rechargeable and dry batteries.
► While other non ready to use rechargeable batteries lose their charge over time, Panasonic's Eneloop technology enables these batteries to keep 70% of their charge up to 10 years.
► Eneloop has superior performance at 0ºC and can even be used at temperature as low as -20ºC.
► Eneloop has higher usable capacity than standard batteries (see table below to discover how Eneloop stands compared to a standard rechargeble AA alkaline).

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Suitable to charge:AA, AAA
SKU 2999
Chemistry NiMH