Robbe Power Peak Triple - 360W EQ-BD 12 volt Charger 8562


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The proven Power Peak® TRIPL3 charge-discharge station has more than doubled in output power and now delivers 3 x 120 watts of charging power.
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Robbe Power Peak Triple 12v Charger - with charge leads - NEW Original price £179.00

his device is ideal for recharging several large capacity 6S LiPo batteries at the same time in a short time.
Charge-discharge station with battery management for 3 times 1 ... 14 cell NC / NiMH batteries, 3 times 1 ... 6 cell LiIo, LiPo or LiFe batteries, and 3 times 2 ... 12V lead acid batteries. With 3 integrated equalizers and 3 BID systems.
This 3x universal charging / discharging station is a compact powerful unit for those who want to charge many batteries from a single 12V DC source at the same time.
With a wide current range of 0.1 to 10 A, it is suitable for small slow flyer, transmitter and receiver batteries as well as for large driving or flight batteries.
Each charging branch has an equalizer and BID connection. Simultaneous but independent charging of 3 batteries. Of course, the charging of a battery type (3x LiPo) as well as the different battery types (NC, NiMH and LiPo), simultaneously and independently possible.
By connecting to the robbe PLC switching power supply 240V / 40 A no. 8539, the charging station can also be operated stationary at home on the grid.
The control and display of the charging parameters via a common CAP touch keyboard and a backlit LC display, which is switched to the respective output. The menu navigation is switchable to the languages ​​German, English, French, Italian and Spanish.
The integrated equalizer automatically brings the individual lithium cells to the same voltage level during the charging process. The equalizer current is about 250 mA and is also sufficient for batteries with a capacity more than 5Ah. Safe and easy operation as well as automatic storage of the most important battery data in the robbe BID system (Battery ID-entifikations-System.

The special advantages:

Simply plug in the BID key on the charger and start the charging process.
No annoying setting of the charging parameters in the menu
Maximum protection against incorrect operation
Storage of the most important battery data in the BID chip / key
Of course, the Power Peak® Triple Charger can also charge batteries without BID system
1 BID chip is included with the loader.

Functions, 3 times each

Discharge / charging 1x
Display of charged and discharged capacity
Display of input and charging voltage
Display of the equalizer - single cell voltage, optionally as overview (with 2 decimal places) or in list function with 3 decimal places (1/1000 Volt) resolution
10 internal battery data storage locations

NC / NiMH batteries 1 ... 14 cells

The digital delta-peak automatic switch-off switches off the charging process at the right time and is adapted to NC and NiMH batteries.

Lithium batteries 1 ... 6 cells LiIo (3.6 V), LiPo (3.7V) or LiFe (3.3V)

Display of the single-cell voltage of lithium battery packs
Automatic switch-off according to the CC-CV charging method

Lead-acid batteries 1 ... 6 cells (2 ... 12 volts)

Automatic switch-off according to the CC-CV charging method

Charging current for 6S LiPo packs = 5 A

Additional Information

Manufacturer Robbe


Discharge current: 3 x 0.1 - 1 A (max 5 W)
Charging current: 3 x 0.1 - 10 A (max 120 W)
Input voltage: 11 - 15 volts DC
Further technical data: 10 internal memory slots per output.
All outputs with equalizer function and BID system.
Number of cells: 1 - 14 NC / NiMH
1 - 6 LiFe (3.3V), LiIo (3.6V) or LiPo (3.7V)
1 - 6 Pb / lead
Shutdown: automatically