10 Amp Dual Relay Controller MRW29



Two relays can be controlled by one stick.
Each relay can be individually controlled.
Latching or non-latching operation can be selected.


Plug the flying lead on the Dual Relay Controller into the selected channel on your receiver. Switch on the transmitter and then the receiver.

Move the control stick to one side of neutral to control one relay. Move the control stick to the other side of neutral to control the other relay. The action can be latching or non-latching.

With non-latching action, the relay remains on only while the stick is held on that side of neutral. With latching action, the relay remains on even when the stick is returned to neutral. A second stick movement is required to turn it off.

Move the stick to maximum on one side of neutral and press the SET key. The LED will light to confirm that the latching action has been changed. The relay controlled by that stick direction changes from latching to non-latching or from non-latching to latching each time the key is pressed.

Repeat the procedure with the stick on the other side of neutral to change the action of other relay.

The unit remembers the settings and they will be retained until another relay invert operation is performed.

When using the switch with electric motors always fit suppression capacitors to stop contact arcing. If suppression is not fitted the life of the contacts will be much reduced. Where possible measure or work out the current of the load to be borne by the switcher, as the relay contact will only stand 10amps. Any switchers returned with burnt out contacts will be considered as damaged outside the warranty

Please ensure that the SET key cannot be pressed accidentally while the unit is in

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