Castle Phoenix 10 amp bl esc 010-0023-00


Smaller, lighter, and less expensive.

The versatile Phoenix-10 can be used in aircraft or helicopter applications and is ideal for Astro 010, Hacker B-20, Mini 1615, and CD-ROM motor applications.

As an aircraft ESC, the Phoenix-10 is superbly suited for micro flyers. With several cut-off choices to choose from, this little beauty has cut-off settings for 2, 3, and 4 cell Lithium Ion and Lithium Polymer packs, yet it works just as well with NiCad and NiMH cells. An optional brake, over-current protection, and a host of other features make this the sensorless to own!

Piccolo and Hornet helicopter owners couldn't believe this little gem when it was introduced. Disabled brake, low cut-off voltage, fixed end points and rotor governor in one unit at an unbeatable price make the Phoenix-10 the choice of micro heli flyers everywhere.

With it's unparalleled feature set, the Phoenix-10 is an excellent ESC for both beginners and expert flyers. It's features allow a single investment to grow with your flying needs.

Additional Information

Manufacturer CASTLE


Volts w/BEC: 12.6 max
Volts w/o BEC: 19.2 max
LiPo cells w/BEC: 3S max
LiPo cells w/o BEC: 4S max
NiCad or NiMh cells w/BEC: 10 max
NiCad or NiMh cells w/o BEC: 16 max
Continuous: 10 amps
Switching rate: 12,500 hz
Resistance: 0.013 ohms
Brake: Yes
Reversible: Yes - change any two wires
Low voltage cut-off: Programmable
Size: 0.73" x 0.8" x 0.16"
Weight (w/wires): 0.21 oz (6g)
Connector type: Universal