Multiplex ROXXY BL Outrunner (C18-20-16) MPX314942


14-pole brushless outrunner motors

Brushless motors with neodymium magnets represent the very latest form of electric power plant. Outrunners in particular require no reduction gearbox, and constitute efficient, high-torque motors covering a broad range of power levels.

The special construction of outrunner motors often enables them to drive large propellers without the need for a gearbox, so they are ideal for direct-drive applications.

  • Maximum copper fill ratio and superior neodymium magnets for high efficiency

  • Large, precision ballraces ensure smooth running

  • Can be mounted by either end

Additional Information

Manufacturer Multiplex
Motor Design No


Weight 19g 0.67oz
Product Length 26mm 1.02in
Product Diameter 18mm 0.71in