TruTurn Adapter (Jam) Nut to suit Saito 115 New 180 8 x 1.25 mm TT-0823-A (28) TT-0823-A


8x1.25mm DOUBLE JAM NUT Adapter Kit

NOTE: This Jam Nut is designed to replace "Only" the Outer Jam Nut of your Factory Provided Double Jam Nut Assembly.

You will still use the Original Factory Prop Washer and Big Prop Nut. The Tru-Turn Jam Nut will provide you with the necessary conversion for the Spinner Cone Retainer Screw.

Tru Turn adapter kits are the key component to making your spinner run true. Our bushings, washers, and adapter nuts are precision machined for a true running spinner like no other!

Additional Information

Manufacturer SMC


8x1.25mm DOUBLE JAM NUT Adapter Kit