Irvine 39 ABC R/C Engine including silencer L-IRV4391A


Whilst the choice of 39 as a capacity might seem strange at first glance, there is in fact a logical reason for it. The 39 was born out of the need to get the maximum power from the smallest possible crankcase. It is in fact very similar in size to a 25. Trying to fit the 39 in a mount designed for a 40 would be somewhat tricky. Keeping the capacity as a 30 class engine is more inline with its intended purpose.

This engine is particularly suited to the rigours of 3D Fun Fly competition flying, where the limitations of model size and engine capacity are controlling factors. It is no coincidence that most of the competitors in Fun Fly at the Nationals choose the Irvine 39 as their powerplant. These pilots demand power, torque and throttle response and the 39 delivers this in style.

From the precision cast crankcase, through the true ABC piston liner to the CNC machined, Jetsream carburettor, the Irvine 39 shouts quality.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Irvine


Weight: 300g
Displacement: 6.35cc
Bore: 21.20mm
Stroke: 18.0mm
Power Output: [email protected],000
Practical RPM: 3,000-19,000