JX servo SW4505 1.5PA 5.25kg 1.5T Plastic Gears Standard Size Sail Winch Servo For Rc Sailing Boats HP052-0183


JX servo SW4805-1.5PA 5kg 1.5T Plastic Gears Standar Size Sail Winch For Rc Sail Boats

JX Servo Technology have established a reputation for reliability and value. JX Servo produce servos for all applications from RC Modelling, UAV, Robotics to industrial applications. JX Servo offer affordable solutions for all kinds of servo applications and are backed up with years of R&D and production development to ensure reliable quality servos are always delivered quickly.

Additional Information

Manufacturer JX Servo


Turn: 1-1.5T
Operating Voltage Range: 4.8~6V
Speed(4.8V) :0.9sec/360
Speed(6.0V) 0.7sec/360
Torque(4.8V) : 5.25kg.cm (72.92oz/in)
Torque(6.0V): 6.13kg.cm (85.15oz/in)
Running Current: 0.15~0.16A (at no load)
Working Current: 0.35~0.40A
Stall Current : 0.84~1.02A
Size: 40.5X20.2X38mm (1.59X0.80X1.50in )
Weight: 45g (1.59oz)
Gears: heavy duty resin (plastic)
Connector Wire Length: JR 265 mm (10.43in)
Tooth Count: 25