Max Thrust Aggressor Ridge Glider PNP 1-MT-AGGRESSOR-RIDGE


The Aggressor Ridge is the evolution of our best-selling glider the Lightning 1500, we knew what we got right originally with the Lightning and now we’ve just made it better.
The Aggressor range of gliders offers high performance in more ways than you think. They have great high-speed stability both under power and also on the glide. Constructed from our new super smooth EPOFLEXY with carbon spars in the wings and fuselage giving a very strong airframe. The Aggressor Ridge is perfectly suited to slope soaring and will perform in a wide range of winds and will quickly become your go to model for a bit of slope action.

With a 1.5 metre wingspan and easy assembly you will be able to get the model into pretty much any car easily and if you really want to cover every type of wind why not order up the Thermic wing extension to extend the wingspan by an additional 600mm to transform the model into thermal hunter.


All Moving Tail Plane
Tough EPOFLEXY Construction
Simple Assembly

Additional Information

Manufacturer Max Thrust


Wingspan 1500mm (59")
Length 1020mm (40")
Flying Weight 750g (excludes Rx battery weight)
Servos 3x 9g, 1 x 9g Digital INCLUDED
Transmitter, Receiver, Switch Harness and 4.8v Square receiver battery NOT INCLUDED