Traxxas Drag Slash 1:10 Brushless RTR Drag Truck - Brilliant Blue (+ TQ TSM - VXL-3S - Velineon 3500Kv) TRX94076-4-BLUE


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Quick Overview

1/10 scale Drag Slash in a beautiful fully-detailed officially-licensed Chevrolet C10 body, fully assembled, Ready-To-Race with TQi 2.4GHz 3-channel Radio System, Traxxas Stability Management VXL-3s speed control, and painted ProGraphix body.


Key Features

Officially licensed Chevrolet C10 durable ProGraphix® polycarbonate body
VXL-3s™ Waterproof Electronic Speed Control
Velineon® 3500kV Brushless Motor
Extended 5-position wheelie bar
All-New Magnum 272R redesigned heavy-duty low-CG transmission
Traxxas Stability Management® (TSM) for improved straight line acceleration on low-traction surfaces
Low Center of Gravity (Low CG) Chassis
High Performance Suspension
Fully adjustable and oil-filled drag-tuned Ultra Shocks™
TQi™ 2.4GHz High Output Radio System with trans brake switch for lightning-fast launches
Modified extreme-duty driveshafts with torque Control™ slipper clutch
Replica Weld wheels for a classic look and replica Mickey Thompson ET drag slicks
Rubber-Sealed Ball Bearings

What's in the Box

1x Traxxas Drag Slash, Ready-To-Race® model with Velineon® VXL-3s and 3500kV motor
1x TQi™ 3-channel 2.4GHz radio system with Trans Brake
1x Quick Start Guide
1x Optimised 2S high-speed pinion gear
1x High quality maintenance tools
1x 26 mm and 18 mm wheelie bar wheels

Needed to Complete

1x NiMH or LiPo battery (recommended #2869X)
1x Charger (recommended EZ-Peak Live #2971)
4x AA alkaline batteries for the transmitter

Product Description

Drag Slash has been engineered with thoughtful features and innovative performance to win at any level of skill and experience. The Pro Series Magnum 272R gearbox is engineered for massive torque. The proven Velineon power system delivers strong, reliable muscle to lay down the quickest passes. The exclusive Drag Mode and Trans Brake provide incredible versatility—and Drag Slash does it all with classic Chevy C10 style. This is no prep racing the Traxxas way.

All-New Pro Series Magnum 272R™

The Magnum 272R transmission is built for hard-hitting torque. The 272R features a blue-anodised aluminium motor plate, all-metal gears, and a sealed silicone-filled 4-gear differential tuned specifically for drag racing with 500K heavy-weight diff fluid.

TSM with Drag Race Mode

It's easy to drive like a pro with Traxxas Stability Management. TSM makes racing more fun by allowing the driver to experience the fastest possible straight line acceleration with incredible stability and precise control. After you cross the finish line, TSM dramatically improves braking performance and helps prevent spin outs.

Traxxas Trans Brake

Think you're quick on the trigger? This is quicker. Hold the TQi transmitter's Trans Brake Switch and set the throttle at the starting line – when the flag drops, release the switch for the quickest launch every time.

Ultimate Traction and Control

Scale realism meets engineered performance. Ultra-wide Mickey Thompson ET Drag Slicks feature an innovative carcass design and moulded high-density foam inserts for massive traction off the line and down the track.

Slash for the Streets

Drag Slash is built on the proven low centre of gravity chassis to hold the battery and electronics close to the pavement for track-hugging stability. Modular construction and premium hex hardware make Drag Slash easy to maintain for peak performance.

All-New Magnum 272R

Feature-packed to perform, the Pro Series transmission is equipped with a silicone-filled differential, aluminium motor plate, steel gears, and an integrated input gear and top shaft. An all-new gearbox with reinforced arm mounts houses the components.

Performance Tyres & Wheels

Wide Mickey Thompson slicks on Weld wheels are a classic combo. Traxxas replicates the legendary look—and performance. Developed with extensive testing, the slicks' unique compound is formulated to balance long tire life with maximum traction.

Extreme Power

The Velineon VXL-3s system is paired with optimised gearing to take advantage of the maximum torque output from the Velineon 3500 motor. The VXL-3s system delivers strong, reliable muscle to lay down the quickest passes, run after run.

Traxxas Stability Management (TSM)

TSM makes racing more fun by allowing the driver to experience the fastest possible straight line acceleration with incredible stability and precise control. Adjust the level of TSM assistance from 100% down to zero for racing classes when assistance is prohibited.

Exclusive Drag Race Mode with Trans Brake

Press a button on the TQi receiver to enable Traxxas' exclusive Drag Race Mode. When activated, Drag Race Mode disables TSM during acceleration to help you hone your racing skills. Once you cross the finish line, TSM dramatically improves braking performance and prevents spin outs.

Trans Brake allows unbeatable launch precision and lightning-fast reaction time. Depress the Trans Brake and hold throttle trigger at your desired position; release the Trans Brake and the Velineon system instantly applies the throttle level you set.

Classic Style

Drag Slash stuns at the strip with its perfectly-stanced '67 Chevy C10 body, available in six colours. The classic C10 shape is tubbed to accept super-wide slicks, and fully detailed with a moulded grille, rear wing, and LED-ready light buckets.

Wheelie Bar

An extended length wheelie bar with 5 fixed levels of adjustment provides ultimate rigidity and arrow straight launches in any track conditions. Two sizes of wheels are included to further refine tuning. From low and mean to wild, wheels-up action the full length of the track, Drag Slash does it all.


Not every drag race takes place on a smooth prepared track; that's just part of the “no prep” scene. The Drag Slash's waterproof electronics are ready to take on any back street grudge match, regardless of rain or water on the track.


Drag Slash is incredibly well equipped right out of the box—but out of the box is just the beginning. Traxxas offers a full line of accessories and upgrades including LED lighting kits, aluminium components, colour-moulded parts, tuning fluids, and more.

Moulded Scale Details

The Chevy C10 body's bi-level grille, LED-ready headlight surrounds, and Pro Street-style wing are each separately moulded parts to precisely replicate the "real thing" and deliver display model detail with durability for high speed street action.

Rich Metallic ProGraphix Paint

Drag Slash's metallic paint shines with a deep gloss and light-catching good looks beneath the durable, polycarbonate body. Choose from six colours: Redline, Brilliant Blue, Green Machine, Ultra Violet, Diamond White, and Midnight Black.

Deeply Recessed and Detailed Bed

Drag Slash's Chevy C10 body recreates the flat-plate tinwork of full-size draggers with a recessed bed that's realistically "tubbed" to hug wide Mickey Thompson slicks. Functional, authentic details like this make Drag Slash the best-looking no-prep racer on the strip.

High-Performance Wing

The Pro Street-style wing is a functional part of the Chevy C10's drag-prepped design. The wing is injection moulded for durability and strength. At speed, the wing generates traction-enhancing downforce and reduces drag-inducing turbulence.

Integrated Bumper

If a run goes wrong, Drag Slash can take the hit with its chassis-mounted front bumper. Firm foam pads the body as the heavy-duty upper and lower bumper supports protect the front suspension.

Drag-Tuned Ultra Shocks

Ultra Shocks are proven performers on Traxxas' hardest-hitting off-roaders. Drag Slash's Ultra Shocks are strip-ready with stiffer springs, thicker silicone oil, and custom bump stops optimised to provide smooth ride control and race-winning grip.

Suspension Tuning

Rugged 4mm steel turnbuckles make it easy to experiment with Drag Slash's camber and toe-in, no disassembly required. Heavy-duty rod ends and captured, large-diameter pivot balls assure race-ready durability, and an adjustment wrench is included.

Adjustable Body Posts

Slam the body low for smooth tracks, raise it for rougher surfaces, or set up your Drag Slash for an aftermarket body—the front body posts are fully adjustable, and adjustable rear body posts are available as an accessory.

Low-CG Chassis

A low centre of gravity improves stability and handling precision. The low-slung chassis allows the Chevy C10 body to hug the track with an aggressive, aero stance for peak drag-racing performance, and sleek, modular design simplifies maintenance.

Wheelie Bar

The difference between advancing and going home early boils down to traction off the line. Drag Slash gives you maximum control with a five-position wheelie bar and two choices of wheel size. The wheelie bar's reinforced dual-ladder frame provides maximum rigidity to get the holeshot—and the win!

Fixed Gear Mesh

Drag Slash's gear mesh stays perfectly set launch after launch, even as high-power drag launches try to force the gears apart. The rigid aluminium motor plate and fixed-mesh insert prevents motor movement for maximum reliability and precise gear mesh.

Removable Differential

Different tracks require different levels of grip, that's just part of no-prep racing. Drag Slash makes it easy to change your differential's locking action by varying the fluid viscosity inside. Disconnect the driveshafts and open the hatch; you'll be on your way to victory in minutes.

All-Metal Internal Gears

The race-ready transmission is built for massive torque with high-strength steel input, idler, and differential gears and large-diameter bearings. The input gear is keyed and press fit onto the top shaft for greater precision and strength than a pin-mounted gear.

Sealed Bevel-Gear Differential

The heavy-duty steel-gear differential is X-ring and gasket-sealed and silicone-filled to resist unloading under power. Oil viscosity is optimised for drag racing, and the diff is easy to refill with thicker or thinner fluid to suit track conditions.

Extreme-Duty Driveshafts

Fortified for hard launches and superior durability, the Drag Slash's Extreme-Duty driveshafts are 20% larger than standard Slash driveshafts for outrageous power handling. The larger diameter shafts offer the same articulation and suspension travel, but are rated for even more tire-shredding torque.

Case-Supported Outputs

The Pro Series differential is ball-bearing supported directly at the differential case, rather than mounting bearings on the differential outputs. This design better supports the differential, reduces bearing drag, and isolates differential action.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Traxxas


Scale 1:10
Completion Level RTR
Colour Blue
Battery No battery
Motor/Engine Velineon 3500Kv Motor (10-Turn)
Servos #2075 steering servo
Charger No charger
Radio TQi 2.4GHz 3-channel