OS GT15HZ MkII L-OS38156


Additional Information will be added once available.

Large machined cooling head is equipped for better heat dissipation. Rear cover find is equipped for better heat dissipation. Due to the above, head temperature at spark plug is 15 degrees celsius lower compared to the previous GT15HZ. Adjustment of Walbro carburetor is much easier compared to the previous version. This engine fits SAB Goblin 570, Align 700N. Please note that this engine does not fit Hirobo helicopters due to the large cooling head.

Additional Information

Manufacturer OS


Weight: 835g (Engine), 92g (Ignition)

Displacement: 14.95cc
Bore: 27.7mm

Stroke: 24.8mm
Power Output: 2.8ps (2.76 hp) @ 14,000 rpm

Practical RPM: 2,000 - 16,000