P-51 400 RTF 4-Channel with Flight Stabilisation SNK761-5


Model flying made easy
A fly anywhere four-channel, gyro equipped semi-scale warbird with a performance that belies its size.

Beautifully side-stepping the CAA's new Drone and Model Aircraft Registration and Education scheme (effective 30th November 2019) Sonik RC's new 4-function P-51 looks and flies every bit as well as a far (far) larger model, yet only carries a fraction of the weight. In fact, at 54g all-up it comes in almost 200g under the CAA's benchmark 250g registration requirement. In isolation that particular advantage isn't overly impressive however what makes this P-51 rather special is the fact that it's so solid in the air, even in a breeze. Equipped with a finely tuned, switchable, 6-axis gyro stabilisation system this little model laughs in the face of turbulence and even had our stalwart R/C flyers fighting over the transmitter. Offered at a pocket money price, ready to fly, with everything included in the box, the versatility of this model for both indoor (sports hall) and outdoor (small field) flying is almost limitless. Put one on your prezzie list, get a group of friends together and get flying the best looking, best performing little foamie youÕve ever experienced.

Spanning a suitcase-friendly 400mm, supplied with a four-channel 2.4GHz transmitter, single cell LiPo battery, USB charger, demountable undercarriage and spare propeller, all you'll need to buy is 4AA batteries for the transmitter. It's a cracker.

Needed to Complete

4x AA batteries for the transmitter.

Spare Battery for this plane is found on our website with the SKU:RDNB3001S25M

Additional Information

Manufacturer Sonik RC


Fully assembled and ready to fly.
Switchable 6 axis gyro stabilisation.
Exceptional duration.
Exempt from the CAA's DRES scheme.
Full four-channel control.
Fixed demountable undercarriage.
Easy to hand-launch.
Clip on prop with prop saver.
High lift undercambered wing section.
Includes 1S 350mAh LiPo battery and USB charger.
Fully aerobatic when flown in Expert (gyro off) mode.

What's in the Box

1x Fully assembled and painted P-51 Mustang.
1x Four-channel, proportional 2.4GHz transmitter.
1x 1S 350mAh LiPo battery.
1x USB LiPo charge lead.
1x Spare propeller.
1x Main undercarriage leg set.
1x Comprehensive instruction manual.