Pepe KNUT 1088mm (43 Inch) Kit 250367


KNUT is the ultimated fun-racer which includes state-of-the-art CAD / CNC construction from PEPE Aircraft. KNUT flies unbelievably stable, neutral and the controls are precise. KNUT is a racing fox, who is particularly after the PEPE Aircraft gerbil USCHI. KNUT and USCHI deliver hot air races.

Are you nervous and cold-blooded to fly to victory with your KNUT?
Even with an I.C engine (SC 15A or OS 15) or electric motor with 3S LiPo, KNUT is very fast thanks to the optimized low profile wing. Anyone who masters the coach Kadett from the house of PEPE Aircraft, will immediately get along with KNUT in the sports version.

With a little more experience in dealing with KNUT then the performance can be increased to "unlimited". An SC 25A pylon or even the SC 32A pylon will then provide ballistic performance in the near-earth orbit and a great sound. Friends of the electric flight will then not install 3S LiPos, but 4S LiPos to keep up with ENYA fueled opponents, or even faster. The sturdy yet lightweight hull features an extra large hull lid so you can experiment with different drives and battery sizes.

KNUT is definitely not a cuddly toy from the petting zoo, but the ultimate challenge in model flying.

Due to the modern, consistently implemented CAD / CNC design, the setup is also very easy for any inexperienced modeler and experts will be delighted with the perfect construction. The shell is created in a few hours and thanks to a well-thought-out construction, only a little sanding work is required. The special plug-in construction of clearly marked components allows assembly without a blueprint and practically in the hand. The illustrated manual leads page by page through the construction stages. A large construction plan is included in the kit, because that increases the understanding of the excellent construction. The blueprint can also be hung as Art Work in the room or in the workshop.

The wing is designed divisible by means of a plug, which KNUT finds space anywhere and can be there at any time. The construction is strength and superior in terms of flight characteristics to any conventional EPO or ARF - not to mention the unforgettable construction experience. The wing is assembled in no time and locked with a central screw on the fuselage. The aileron servos are aerodynamically favorable under covers in the wing.

KNUT leaves almost unlimited flexibility in the choice of drive. Combustion or electric, each version can be built from the kit. We recommend that you install a burner from ENYA, as these engines alone are superior to the engine sound. If you prefer electric, you can try a variety of external rotor electric motor. Tank, battery and RC components can be reached very easily thanks to the large hull lid and a battery change can be achieved in just a few seconds.

KNUT's design language follows the postulate "Form follows function". Thanks to the aerodynamically and mechanically superior full-cup wing, KNUT owners can easily implement a wide variety of color versions using Oracover® film or even GfK Finish.

Key Features:
Consistent CAD-CNC laser construction
Components for combustion and electrical version included
Easy to build and at the same time unique aircraft design
Very good flight characteristics: flies without gyros like a darts arrow
Highest quality kit and small parts
Manual with 3D color illustrations and a large construction plan
Completely new modeling experience thanks to the outstanding kit quality

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