Plastic Kit Tamiya 1/16 Bundeswehr Tank Crewman 36309 TAMIYA-36309


Introducing 1 full-body and 1 half-body modern German tank crewman figure to the popular World Figure Series, a series that provides high quality accurate detailing that can only be achieved on a 1/16 scale. This is the second modern figure to be introduced to the series and the first ever tank crewman figure. The half-body figure has been specially designed to be used with the R/C Leopard 2A6 Battle Tank.

Overall height: 116mm
Figures represent modern German tank crewmen wearing overalls and padded protective headgear.
Microphone headset also included in kit.
Lens of goggles reproduced using transparent plastic parts.
Decals for epaulet markings included.

you will need the following tools:

stanley knife

side cutters

plastic kit glue

The following paints:
XF-1, XF-15, XF-61, X-18, XF-62, XF-12, X-12

Additional Information

Manufacturer Tamiya