Plastic Kit Revell 1:16 Swiss Guard Figure 02801 revell-02801


A model construction kit of the world famous Swiss Guard - the Pope's body guard.

- Fine facial features
- Detailed Dress Uniform
- Halberd
- Biretta
- Display stand with various surfaces

For over five hundred years, the Swiss Guard has defended the Vatican and the Pope. Their service has outlived wars, reformations, intrigues, assassinations, and even the virtual extermination of the entire guard. Today, the unit is composed of Swiss citizens who have completed basic training with the Swiss Army and have fulfilled the strict requirements of the Papal Guard. The halberds and uniforms are for show. The fully stocked modern armory and unarmed combat training of the individual guards is very functional

hieght 11.2cm
48 parts
1 figure

Additional Information

Manufacturer Revell


1:16 scale