Plastic Kit Revell Carabinier 02802 revell-02802


Model construction kit of the Carabinier, a guard tasked with guarding the streets of rome.

- Fine facial features
- Detailed uniform with insignia
- Sword
- Display stand with various surfaces
- Authentic decal set

The never-ending task of watching over the crowded streets of Rome, protecting the president, and ensuring peace throughout Italy falls largely on the epaulette-bedecked shoulders of the men and women of the Carabinieri. Countless times, the Carabinieri have demonstrated their valor and their value. Kit features finely detailed facial features, detailed uniforms and insignia, sabre, choice of two hats, display stand with various surfaces, and full decals

you will need the following tools:

stanley knife

side cutters

plastic kit glue

The following paints:
revell: 05,07,08,35,36,49,56,90,94 and 302

Additional Information

Manufacturer Revell