Sanwa RD8000 40mhz Transmitter Only - EX DISPLAY SANWARD8000


40mhz Transmitter Only Mode 1 (Throttle Right) No Box

Sanwa RD-8000 Mode 1. The RD8000 is a transmitter which made a name for itself with its luxury silver front panel. The dual elevator which was equipped with an extra channel resolves a torsion phenomenon which occurs by the gap from the quantity of the movement in the airplane/surface where two servos are installed. Because it can be pre-set for 8 types of gyro sensitivities, there is no need to take the helicopter down on the ground to make adjustments. The flight that makes full use of the extra channel which was increased to as many as 8, gives you no reason to ever use a 6 channel transmitter again. Of course, the complexity of operation when using 8 channels is reduced by the Multi scroll function. It makes the setup very simple and accessible with the use of a two-dimensional layout. The valuable setting data can be memorized up to 10 times with the ten model memory, and is saved safely with the EEPROM method which does not need a battery for backup.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Sanwa Radio


40mhz mode 1 transmitter - no battery