Wacky Wiggler E2X Launch Set D-ES1413


The Wacky Wiggler will give you hours of rocket launching fun. It goes up like a regular rocket but comes down in a very different way. Each of the prismatic body sections separate (although they still remain intact) and the entire rocket 'wiggles' its way back down to earth. This wacky-recovery rocket can fly to over 100 feet.

Easy to assemble and supplied complete with all pre-coloured parts. The silver holographic pattern body parts are super-shiny and easy to see in the sky.

What's Included?
Wacky Wiggler E2X rocket
Rocket Launch System - containing Astron II Launch Controller and Astron II Launch Pad

What's Required?
Launch sets are supplied without motors, igniters and wadding. You'll need the following to launch your rocket:
Recommended motor (see the Technical Data table)
Recovery Wadding (see D-ES2274)
9V battery for the Launch Controller

Note: We recommend using Energiser 9V batteries as UK Duracell 9V batteries are only designed for low power applications like smoke alarms.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Estes


Technical Data
Specification Data
Recommended Motor B6-5 (First Flight), C6-5
Projected Altitude 244m (800 feet) Feet
Weight 45.4g
Recovery Method Wiggle (tumble)
Diameter 27.9mm
Length 447mm