Silicone Shock Fluid 32.5wt 388cSt RDNA0118

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As your interest in R/C cars develops you'll find yourself increasingly interest...


Performance enhancing

Radient industrial grade 100% pure silicone oil is custom blended within tight tolerances to provide absolute consistency

As your interest in R/C cars develops youll find yourself increasingly interested in improving the set-up of your vehicle to achieve the very best handling and performance for a given environment. Whether youre running on a racetrack, off-road, or committing aviation by subjecting your buggy to ever higher jumps, a key element to success (and your cars longevity) will be the tuning of the suspension. Three key elements are taken into account here: ride height, stiffness, and dampening. Ride height is adjusted using shock spacers, rigidity is taken care of with stiffer springs, dampening with shock oil. Here, then, the higher the weight of the oil the greater the dampening effect, 50wt being a good average for everyday bashing and jumps.

Color coded for quick and easy identification, finding the fluid that best suits your need is simplicity itself. Solid colors represent primary fluid weights, whilst intermediate weights are identified by representative split colors. By way of example, 30wt is coded white, 35wt is coded orange, 32.5wt (that lies between the two) is coded white / orange. Why not experiment and see which fluid works for you?


Bottle volume (ml): 59
Bottle volume (fl oz.): 2

Additional Information

Manufacturer Radient


Bottle volume (ml): 59
Bottle volume (fl oz.): 2