Eurofighter Typhoontwin seater 04689


The Revell EF Typhoon Twin-Seater in 1/48 scale from the plastic aircraft models range accurately recreates the real life European multi-role aircraft.

Model Details:

Twin-Seater Cockpit including Instrument Panel
Fine structural surface detail and recessed panel contours
Fully detailed ejector seat
Operating Canards
Detailed air intakes
Jet Exhausts in two configurations
Fully detailed air brake flaps (optionally open)
Complete landing gear with highly detailed retraction struts In-flight refuelling probe, optionally extended or retracted
Two external under-wing fuel tanks
One ventral Fuel Tank
Under-wing Pylons
Varoious Loadouts
Super decal set for the German Luftwaffe, RAF-versions

Additional Information

Manufacturer Revell


Scale 1:48
Fuselage length 33.0CM
Wing Span 23.1 cm

This plastic aircraft kit requires paint and glue to complete.
Revell colors required: 9, 45, 91, 301, 371, 374, 378.