Tamiya RC 1/16 M26 Pershing Full Option Kit TAMIYA-56016


Two-channel or four-channel RC unit is necessary to operate this kit.
7.2V Tamiya Racing Pack (or equivalent) and charger are also required.

Things just got realer. Starting with the 1/16 R/C sensation of the Tiger I Early Production, and then with the M4 Sherman 105mm Howitzer, Tamiya continues to develop its 1/16 R/C Tank Series. The third full-option kit to make its appearance is the U.S. Medium Tank M26 Pershing that fought during the end of WWII and throughout the Korean War. Tamiya keeps increasing its knowledge about R/C tanks and improving the realism of their movement and sound to make their appearance even more striking.

Turret can rotate 360 degrees with real moving sound.
The long 90mm gun can be raised up to 15 degrees and lowered down to 10 degrees. You can control moving speed with transmitter stick and stop turret in any position.
To imitate firing, light flashes and the powerful sound of firing can be heard at the same time. The interior part of main gun features a gearbox to simulate recoil- the gun jerks backward rapidly as firing sound is heard.
You can fire the front machine gun that also flashes while sound is heard.
Headlights and tale lights can also light up. Moreover, tale lights turn on when transmitter stick is moved to brake position.

Suspensions uses metallic coil springs. In particular, the complex front link suspension accurately reproduces that of the real tank and lets the tank tackle the harshest of terrain.
*When using tank, side skirts must be removed.
One tank crew chief figure is included. M2 heavy machine has been realistically reproduced.
A movable travelling lock that was used to secure the long 90mm main gun during transfers is fitted to the rear side of tank.
For ease of assembly, toolbox and their handles come molded as one piece. But for further options, separate parts are also included for handles. This will provide satisfaction for modelers who demand the utmost in realism.
Gun barrel constructed of aluminum to eliminate parting lines and provide great accuracy. The long 90mm gun will blow you away with its sense of accuracy and power.

To replace batteries, remove turret and open drivers hatch to remove screws placed there. Then, slightly raise front of tank hull.
Receiver switch is placed under driver hatch for easy access.
Speaker unit that performs impressive sound is loaded in the back of the tank. The specially designed gearbox imitates that of the real tank.
DMD Control Unit T-06
Composed of an FET amplifier part wired to the two running motors as well as a control part coupled with an independent amplifier that controls turret rotation and gun movement. With the DMD Control Unit, you can control R/C tanks as easily as R/C cars.
DMD Multi Function Unit MF-03.
Wired to DMD Control Unit T-06, it adapts sound with tank actions such as running or rotating turret. It also controls main gun, machine gun lights, main gun recoil and movement of hull when shooting, all in an impressively realistic manner.

Size of package is 678 * 470 * 160mm. On cover is applied the M26 Pershing logo and when you open it, you can see the wonderful illustration and color pictures of full option kit.

Model characteristics
This is the 1/16 electric radio-control assembly kit of the U.S. Medium Tank M26 Pershing that made its appearance during the end of WWII. Overall length: 536mm, overall width: 218mm, overall height: 197mm. Despite its large scale, the model has been thoroughly and accurately reproduced. Not only can the model move forward and backward and turn with a great sense of power, but the turret can be rotated and the gun raised and lowered. Recoil of the gun and movement of the hull during shooting are also perfectly reproduced and synchronized. The sound of the engine has been recorded from a real Ford GAF Liquid cooled V8 engine, the metallic clanking sound of the tracks and the sound of the shooting of the main gun adapt to the model's movement. Moreover, this kit features headlights and brake lamps that light-up and main gun and front machine gun that flash.

About the engine sound
Recording engine sound The sound of the engine was digitally recorded from a real Ford GAF liquid cooled V8 engine of the M26 Pershing at the Ropkey Armor Museum. All the variation of sound of the real engine but also all the metallic clanking of the track has been thoroughly recorded.

Intense battles with this upgrade rival Battle System (for 1/16 R/C tanks)
ITEM 53447

This unique optic system that employs infrared light will enable you to enjoy real tank battles with more than 2 tanks. This system featuring LED reproduces explosion and engine failure sound as well as speed loss and hindered movement of a damaged tank. Range of system is approximately 30m.
Click here for information about Battle System

Painting primer for metallic parts
Tamiya Metal Primer Tamiya Metal Primer
ITEM 87061

Metallic parts like aluminum parts, photo-etched parts, die-cast parts and pressed parts increase realism and strength of plastic models. This is a handy spray can primer to treat metallic parts. It should be applied on metallic parts before paint and it will prevent paint from peeling off the model. As this transparent varnish does not dissolve plastic, you can apply it after assembly of metallic parts.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Tamiya


Big Size: overall length: 536mm, overall width: 218mm, overall height: 197mm.