Edge Black RC Modelglasses RAP64



Edge sports sunglasses have innovative side arms that can be rotated up and down on a ratchet system, to ensure a perfect fit on your head. With an adjustable nose clip, attractive vented red Frostech lenses, the Edge Black sport sunglasses for men take Rapid Eyewear’s range to a whole new level.

The Frame:
Made from polycarbonate and finished in an attractive black colour, the edge frame is so comfortable and light that you will probably forget you’re wearing them. Side arm rubber extensions, an adjustable nose clip and the rotating side arms allow for a bespoke fit for your needs.

The Lenses:
Four sets of UV400 interchangeable lenses are supplied, as follows:

Category 0, for use in low light conditions
Category 2, beige, polarised. A good all-round lens for changeable or hazy conditions
Category 3, red / orange with a flash mirror coating
Category 4 dark, smoked for very bright sunshine (not suitable for driving)

All lenses feature cut-outs that help air to flow across the rear surfaces, thereby reducing fogging. They are decentred, and have anti-scratch coatings applied.

Polarised lenses filter horizontal light that bounces off surfaces to cause glare.

The Package:
Edge are supplied with a carry case, microfibre pouch and retainer strap as standard.

Conformity And Legal
Edge comply with ISO 12312 standards for sunglasses, and also comply with US Z80.3. They offer 100% UVA / UVB (UV400) protection.

Additional Lenses
If you would like to add extra lenses to your order, we are pleased to offer green golf and clear UV protected safety lenses. You can select the additional lenses from the drop-down menu at the top of this page.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Rapid Eyewear