TS2+2 2.4GHz 2-Channel Stick Transmitter with 2 Aux Channels with 6-channel Rx PLAT02101


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Quick Overview

An inexpensive 2.4GHz radio system that's perfect for boats, cars, and some entry-level aircraft


Key Features

Single-axis throttle (up/down) and steering (left/right) sticks
Proportional steering and throttle control with adjustable dual rates
Digital trims on steering and throttle channels
Servo reversing on steering and throttle controls
Auxiliary channel with rotary dial (CH4)
Auxiliary channel with 3-position switch (H3 )
2.4GHz AFHSS Proteus radio protocol
Tx charge port for rechargeable batteries (not included)

What's in the Box

1x Planet 2+2 transmitter
1x Planet Proteus 6-channel receiver
1x User manual

Needed to Complete

4x AA-size batteries for transmitter.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Planet


Channel 1 (right hand gimbal)
2. Channel 2 (left hand gimbal)
3. Channel 3 (3 position switch)
4. Channel 4 (variable dial)
5. Dual Rates switch for CH2
6. Dual Rates switch for CH1
7. Dual Rates adjustment for CH2
8. Dual Rates adjustment for CH1
9. Digital Trims and CH1/2 reverse
10. Pair button
11. Power switch
12. Folding aerial