Valenta Dragonfly Pro F3J Glider DRAGONFLY


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DRAGON FLY PRO is model, specially designed for category F3J. During construction of this model several brand new construction elements were used. The DRAGON FLY model has elegant shape, tasteful design and excellent flying properties. The model can be supplied in electro version as well. DRAGON FLY is delivered in ARF version: laminated fuselage with cabin and constructial covered wing areas. The model DRAGON FLY PRO is now supplied with floating elevator.

Manufacturer V. J. V. VALENTA MODEL
Wing span 3450 mm
Tail span 620 mm
Length 1540 mm
Aerofoil SD 7037
Wing area 67,16 dm2
Elevator area 7,0 dm2
Flying weight 1700 g
Wing Loading 30,3 g/dm2
controll. functions 4

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